Friday, January 17, 2014


The ending of the story that answers the central questions/themes of your movie. The ending could be ambiguous (Inception, Memento) or final. It could be sad or happy or joyous or depressing. 

Your job is to make it satisfying.

Note that the ending of your movie will determine the theme of your piece and your personal life philosophy. 

This is how Lord of Rings and Game of Thrones are exact opposites. Lord of Rings postulates: “The Good and the Noble will always triumph over the Wicked.” whereas Game of Thrones postulates being “Good” and “Noble” are sure ways to be mercilessly murdered by the Wicked.

An interesting way to end your piece is to have a multitude of meanings. In Annie Hall, the movie ends with Alvy shrugging and saying that love is finite and painful but something we just can’t live without, for we need the joys we get from it.

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