Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week Five - Student Script 2


Written by Kat Boyd-Batstone


The street is dark except for a warm light coming from the house on the corner. From the street, framed in the bedroom window, we see THREE GIRLS twirling around with brightly colored scarves.


Inside, SASANKA, 17, is a blur of red. Her wavy jet black hair, red lips and red scarf blur as she spins and poses, almost flirting with the camera.

Flash. Flash. Flash. RENEE, 17, clicks away enthralled.

SASANKA motions to RENEE to her to join her. ADRIANA, 17, dramatically wraps a scarf around her neck and takes the camera.

RENEE takes a step towards SASANKA shyly, unsure how to act in front of the camera. She hesitates, but SASANKA has grabbed her hand and is pulling her forward with a little smile. Their eyes lock and things slow. For a second there is something more, but a second later they are twirling, posing and laughing.

ADRIANA, slightly annoyed that she is not posing with them, puts the camera on a tripod, and they all pile into the frame.

SASANKA pulls RENEE onto her lap. RENEE looks down at her hand resting on her waist and follows it up to her face. SASANKA smiles, rests her cheek on her shoulder and looks to the camera.

ADRIANA makes a funny face. Renee continues to look at SASANKA. FLASH. RENEE looks too late to the camera.

ADRIANA poses comedically. RENEE poses uncomfortably. SASANKA poses confidently. RENEE somewhat sultry. SASANKA with sunglasses. ADRIANA plays with hair. They collapse on the bed laughing at their silliness.

A car lights up the room, beeps and ADRIANA rolls her eyes. We hear a doorbell. ADRIANA collects her things and heads to the door. RENEE gets up and hugs ADRIANA goodbye.

SASANKA is sitting belly down, legs kicked up and head resting on her bent hands. RENEE shyly edges onto the bed. SASANKA taps the bed next to her and RENEE scoots closer.

SASANKA picks up the camera and looks through the photos laughing. RENEE looks over but then she starts to notice how close they are. Their hands are centimeters away from each other and face just a few inches. RENEE catches her breath.

Sasanka hasn’t noticed but RENEE is now staring at the ceiling, a look of fear on her face. She is no longer engaged in the conversation and her breathing shallow.

A second car lights up the room and SASANKA gets up. They walk to the door and are silhouetted by the porch light. They hug and as they separate, RENEE lingers in the space in between them, but a second later pulls away.

SASANKA frowns from the abruptness, shrugs, and runs to the waiting car.

RENEE closes the door, barely breathing, and turns on the TV. The lights flicker across her blank stare.

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