Friday, January 17, 2014

Mid-Point (A.K.A. First Culmination)

Usually occurs right in the middle of the film, at the end of the fourth sequence and the middle of the Second Act. 

This is where the first effort of the protagonist is falsely successful (In The Dark Knight, The Joker is captured by Batman and Gordon.) or the stakes are raised (In The Social Network Mark Zuckerberg runs into Erica, who humiliates him by undermining Mark’s aspirations with Facebook. His reaction is to open up Facebook beyond Harvard and turn it into a global brand.) or there is a major reversal in the direction of the story. (In Up, the first half of the story is Carl’s journey to deliver the House to its destination. However, once Carl is captured by the dogs and escapes from Muntz’s lair, the second half of the second act is about running away from Muntz and helping out Kevin.)

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